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The Future of Video OTT

Consumer demand for video has surged and shows no signs of peaking yet. This is putting the existing platforms under a lot of stress – not to mention your stress if you’re running one of those platforms.

During our conversations with the market we know that the legacy systems currently employed for video are struggling. Aging platforms can’t cope with the surge in demand leaving customers dissatisfied and likely to churn. While projects and services are delayed and profitably is constantly under threat or never achieved.

That’s where Vimmi can help.

We can future-proof your video delivery. Our agile and scalable software platform includes CDN, CMS, content preparation workflows, and performance and marketing analytics. We also provide end-users’ applications and deep learning algorithms to ensure that your video platform is ready to meet all your current and future demands.

Deploying our platform is a quick and stress-free process – we can have you up and running in weeks. And once we’ve been deployed any changes you need – for example to launch new services – only take days.

Whether you are a mobile or telecom operator, content owner, OTT service provider, enterprise or public organization with Vimmi’s unified Video OTT software architecture you can create a modern and future-proof video delivery platform. You will be ready to meet any demand for video and will be equipped to introduce new services such as live 4K and VR, low latency OTT, nDVR and other advanced video services.

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