OTT Questionnaire

Vimmi and Customer Confidential, not for distribution
Input video Characteristics - SD or HD, MPEG2, MPEG4, CBR, VBR, MPTS, SPTS, SDI, IP, bit rates, resolutions, frame rates, GOP structures, # of audio feeds (what audio codec?) per channel, teletext, subtitles, dubbing
Output (after transcoding) video characteristics - SD or HD, MPEG4, MPEG-DASH Multicast, Unicast, UDP, RTP, IGMP, Transport Stream, RTMP, # of profiles, bit rates, resolutions, frame rates, GOP structures
Streaming protocols – HLS, HDS, HSS, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-DASH?
- At a glance view of real-time CDN traffic, number of connections, and bandwidth usage, in various graphs resolutions, from the last 5 minutes to the last 6 months.
- Assets added or purged
- Rating – top X, low X
- Long tail ratios
- Session logging
- Items viewed by a specific user
- Usage by geographical area
- Cross device analysis
- Usage by hours
- browsing behavior
- “Heavy” users – top X users
- Viewing duration
- Usage peaks and constant tracking
- User behavior analysis
- Top X VOD events being watched
- An API Access Manager which allows
- Active subscribers in the service
- Creating and revoking API Access Keys and key data.
-retargeting and marketing campaigns
-personalized main page
If Vimmi, please send specifications if available.
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