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“Advertising-supported content (AVOD) will take the lead over subscription-based content (SVOD) by 2020”

– Digital TV Research’s Global OTT TV and Video Forecasts report

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New Revenue Stream for OTT Players

Vimmi’s OTT Advertising Platform opens new revenue opportunities for operators and content providers by allowing them to  introduce a new ad supported monetization model for their video OTT service.

Using Vimmi’s OTT advertising platform, operators and content providers are now able to target new audiences, onboard new users on an AVOD content package, and convert ad-supported content package viewers, into paying subscribers.  


Fraud-Free Ad environment

Vimmi’s platform offers brands and agencies seamless access to premium inventory in a managed marketplace for direct and programmatic advertising campaigns.

Vimmi’s Advertising platform enables operators and content providers to offer brands and agencies a fraud-free environment, complete transparency, viewability and a clean and safe environment to place their ads, with zero fraudulent IP addresses and 100% authenticated viewers.


Targeted Campaigns based on advanced user analytics

Vimmi’s advanced analytics platforms aggregate users’ behavioral data and operators’ proprietary data, thus allowing brands to Increase the efficiency of their campaigns by targeting the most relevant audience.

Benefits for Brands/Advertisers:

  • Top notch targeting capabilities – per content, per user, per geo etc
  • Full viewability for ads
  • A TV-like commercial experience to users
  • Clean and safe environment to place their ads

Benefits for Operators/Content Providers:

  • Additional revenue stream for operators
  • Target new audiences and onboard new users on an AVOD content package
  • Full support for direct and programmatic advertising campaigns
  • Convert ad-supported content package viewers to paying subscribers.


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