Low Latency CDN

As the popularity of real-time live content, such as sport, reality voting and betting, is sky-rocking, and as the network’s infrastructure, capacity and quality are constantly improving, the common chunked HTTP protocols have become insufficient and the need for low latency streaming solutions has become a necessity.

Vimmi, as a leading CDN provider, provides a state-of-the-art low-latency video OTT delivery solution, which keeps up with the OTT video streaming revolution.

Designed for flexible granularity

Vimmi’s low-latency CDN architecture gets from the transcoder couple of Transport Streams in different bitrates and profiles. It is then pushes these streams to the appropriate edge servers and to end users according to Vimmi’s special internal distribution and error-correction algorithms, based on consumption patterns and overall system load.

Vimmi CDN ensures a sufficient bandwidth between the CDN POPs and the publishing point for accommodating the sum of all profile levels of all channels. The TS profiles are being determined as part of the project plan, according to the users’ devices and type of content.

Detecting Bandwidth Fluctuation and Switching Between Bitrates

Vimmi’s low-latency CDN mechanism treats a live playback request as any standard playback request: the CDN picks the best Edge Server to serve the specific request (based on Vimmi’s CDN grid-computing algorithm), it then generates and sends a token to the requesting client which relates to chosen Edge Server, the client and the request time. The client then generates a request (with the token) to start the stream from the said edge server. After the token is authenticated the edge server starts streaming the content to the requesting client, using MPEG-TS over UDP.

Once streaming has started, Vimmi’s low-latency CDN mechanism includes special data exchange between the CDN edge server and the served player, from which the edge server can conclude the current quality of the line. The packet-loss information is being collected by Vimmi’s Player, or Vimmi’s low-latency SDK which can be plugged in to any standard OTT player.

Designed for Smart decision making

According to the concluded line quality, Vimmi’s low-latency CDN mechanism continuously takes decision whether to increase, decrease or keep the current stream profile. Once a decision is made to change the stream’s bitrate, Vimmi’s Edge server picks from the multiple input TSs, coming from the publish point, the one which fits the optimal bitrate – and pours the packets of that (input) TS to the output TS, starting from the exact location where the previous TS was cutoff.

Designed for optimized quality of viewer experience

This mechanism of constant monitoring, profiles switching and stream concatenation, implements a pure adaptive bitrate policy while maintaining a continuous TS connection to the client. The result is an optimal quality of experience for the viewer, in terms of:

  • Outstanding video quality and frame accuracy
  • Best round trip time & zapping time
  • Lowest streaming latency – less than 2-second from the actual source feed in any unmanaged OTT network.

Designed for compatibility with Standard OTT Players

Vimmi is aware that most platforms still include their own players which do not support playing TS over UDP and are expecting to get their streams in HTTP chunked protocols. To support these players, Vimmi’s low latency client SDK include a special patent pending mechanism which knows how to emulate the received TS to HLS or MPEG-DASH protocols. This enables the service providers to keep their existing players and continue playing the streams in the way they are used to, while enjoying Vimmi’s low latency unicast streaming.

State-of-the-art Steaming Solution

Low Latency CDN is an inevitable evolution of the OTT streaming industry, and it is just a matter of few years until it will become a mandatory requirement for any content service provider which includes live content.

Vimmi, as a leading CDN vendor, provides, along with its superior distribution technology, a state-of-the-art low-latency OTT streaming solution, which keeps up with the OTT video streaming revolution.

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