Live Streaming

Stream live content with absolute confidence that the experience of every viewer will be outstanding. Live content, including entertainment, sporting events and news, can be uploaded from anywhere in the world to Vimmi Media Delivery Platform for distribution directly to viewers on any IP platform and device.

Multiple backups with automatic failover at each broadcast publishing point ensure that live content stays online. Multi-bit rate broadcasting ensures access to viewers with limited access while providing a full HD-quality experience for viewers with high bandwidth services.

Time shift live events for viewing in different time zones with the Vimmi network DVR, which stores live content on the Media Delivery Platform for later viewing. For individual viewers who want to enjoy the live streaming experience at their convenience, the Vimmi network offers applications that empower each viewer to time shift live content from a personal viewing list by storing it on the CDN.

Simultaneously deliver live video and audio streams to any player and any device, using any protocol, from a single set of live source streams. Perfectly aligned adaptive bitrate streams (ABR) deliver the best possible viewing experience to your customers in HLS, HDS, HSS, DASH and RTSP.

With the VIMMI on-the-fly transcoding service you can transform live non-H.264 content like MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (part 2) to adaptive bitrate streams for any screen.

Use your own encoders or go box-free with Vimmi encoding services

Our Media Delivery Platform can deliver content from a range of encoders – from free RTMP encoders to broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware – so you can choose the best encoding solution for your needs or repurpose encoders you already own. Vimmi on-the fly transcoder service handles MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (part 2) streams to create single or adaptive bitrates H.264 streams that can be consumed on any screen.

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