Subscriber Management System & CRM

Subscriber Management System (SMS)

Vimmi offers powerful web based subscribers management solution to maintain subscribers, products or packages, contracts, billing, revenues, inventory and provisioning. The Subscriber Management System could contain customer relevant information and be responsible for keeping track of placed orders, credit limits, invoicing and payments, as well as generation of reports and statistics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Real time, hands-on customer relationship management is key to maximizing ARPU as well as growing the user base. The Vimmi CRM module enables content owners and operators to actively monitor, log, analyze and segment customer activity and purchase triggers. Based on this information, content, delivery platforms and pricing models can be customized to address the unique preferences of each customer segment.

Cloud-based customer support tools provide operator service reps with clear subscriber history and analysis that transforms every service call into an opportunity to increase customer usage and revenues while managing customer needs.