Welcome to Vimmi Creators; a cloud platform that enables content creators to maximize their income from fans, brands and enterprises, by focusing on the most critical revenue generators for their assets

Boundless Opportunities for Creators

Are you a Vlogger? Podcaster? Writer? Musican?

The internet has unlocked the gates to the new creative economy, empowering nearly 15 million Americans to create their own content and earn $5.9 billion online in 2016 in revenues from their assets (Re:create - creative economy study report, Feb 2018). No longer confined to local markets, anyone with a creative talent has the chance to make money online.

Are you maximizing your $$$ potential?

62% of professional creators are not happy with their monetization income (Social Examiner, 2018.) Even top 3% youtubers with 1.4 million view per month, aren't making a living and earn an average of $17,000 a year (Inc.com).

Content creators are also challenged by having to create, and at the same time, operate the various platforms used to monetize their assets. They are looking for ways to maximize the return on their assets, and control how they engage with their fans.

Monetization Recommendation System across all social and managed platforms.

Vimmi Creators uses a breakthrough analytics and machine learning to help content creators develop the most effective monetization plan and recommends optimal Ads/Subscription/Freemium models based on content type, geography, industry, genre, etc, recommends the best time to reach audiences, alerts when video is performing well, etc.

Monetization Plan Channels Mix:

  • Advertising
  • Monthly / Transactional subscriptions
  • Affiliates networks
  • Merchandising
  • Branded deals & sponsorships
  • Consulting
  • Speaking engagements
  • Video licensing
  • Live
  • Chat
  • Polling

We do the heavy lifting while you focus on creating your assets.

Complete integration with all social networks
Full media workflows: live/on-demand video/audio/image, preparation, editing, monetizing and streaming
Consolidation of all revenues channels into one billing transaction
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