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OTT Streaming Platform for Content Creators

Vimmi’s solution for content creators offers a complete managed platform for live and VOD streaming, remote production and monetization, which enables content creators to launch their video app on any end-user platform, control monetization and content packages, upsell with merchandising and ecommerce and use data analytics to better engage with their viewers and offer them an exciting video experience where and when they want it.

White label OTT Apps

Viewers apps are available for any viewing device including mobile & tablets (iOS & Android), web, smart TV’s, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and game consoles and include live and VOD content. Viewing is managed by a customized video player, chat, polls and push notifications, content search options, a  variety of content subscription packages such as advertising (AVOD), subscription (SVOD), transactional (TVOD) and free and engaging shopping and e-commerce experience including payment, collection and invoicing.

Creators’ Module

The Creators’ module offers content creators a user friendly, self service interface which allows them to create and brand their own channel, edit their content using a virtual studio for remote content production, and post VOD & live events with  push of a button.  Creators can choose from a variety of ecommerce  and merchandising tools, define their monetization model and access an advanced analytics dashboard to better understand their viewers behaviors and demands.

A platform admin tool can be added to easily access creators’ content to be reviewed, approved, moderated, analyzed and monetized.

Monetization & E-commerce Solutions

Vimmi offers a complete set of monetization tools that enable you to grow your business, own your content and IP, use real-time data to better engage and personalize your outreach:

Monetization models: SVOD / AVOD / TVOD / Freemium  – choose how you want to package and price your content. 

Engagement tools: Numerous ways for you to reach out to your viewers, and provide them with actionable ways to interact with your content, such as chat, marketing campaigns and personalized push notifications.

E-commerce tools: Merchandising, shopping experience during live.

Analytics tools: Rich behavioral users’ data & dashboards for better engagement

Live Streaming and Remote Productions

  • Low latency streaming using proprietary technology (below 1 sec.)
  • Live remote production capabilities
  • Gamification and marketing tools – chat, polls, push notifications
  • Audience authentication using single sign-on
  • Social sharing
  • Pay as you grow
  • Use cases – sports, racing, music, news, virtual events
  • 24×7 managed services and support 
  • SaaS platform

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