Vimmi suite of any-screen video applications and cloud tools are built for publishing, content management, and monetization. The applications are built as fully customizable templates for any screen with the primary intention to help OTT providers quickly launch video subscription services, pay per view live events, any-VOD packages and ad-supported services.

The applications are super cool and eye-catching, built for TV, STB, CPE and mobile device across any OS, for seamless integration to any customer’s platform. Accompanied back-end tools are available for app creation, publishing, billing, and HD streaming on TV-connected devices including working with legacy STBs.

Create your Video Store

The Vimmi video store enables you to quickly create a branded, cross-device, full-service solution for merchandising and delivering video offerings online, with support for delivery options including VOD, live channels, playlists, bundles, packages and more. The Video Store includes all tools that operators and content owners need to create a customized Internet store or application from scratch or to add a video store to an existing application or site.

Sales options such as VOD, live channels, playlists and linear channels enable you to deliver real value and drive revenues. With the Video Store, content owners can quickly create storefronts that provide a comprehensive solution for presenting, managing, delivering and billing for content. For clients who prefer to outsource store customization, Vimmi also provides customization assistance services.