Vimmi CDN Powers IPBC

Vimmi CDN Powers IPBC UHD 4K Live Streaming of World Cup 2018

Vimmi CDN Powers IPBC UHD 4K Live Streaming of World Cup 2018

Vimmi’s video OTT and CDN solutions will enable the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp. to stream and deliver live, UHD 4K coverage of World Cup 2018.

May 15, 2018Vimmi, a global provider of video Over The Top (OTT), Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) platforms, announced today that the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp. (IPBC) will use Vimmi’s CDN technology, to deliver all of its audio and video streams.  Vimmi upgrades existing technology used by IPBC, and provides a fully customized HTML5 player, and a sophisticated system for catch-up, recording and cutting programs and articles for both audio and video streams.  Vimmi platform will integrate with IPBC’s suppliers, website and applications developers.

In addition to this offering, Vimmi added a 4K channel to its CDN to allow UHD streaming of the Soccer World Cup in Russia this summer.  To faciliate this project, Vimmi integrated with Fifa’s special player service and Samsung Israel application for IPBC, and launched an innovative Geoblock solution which automatically replaces World Cup broadcasts with a slide.

“The World cup is the most prestigious and popular event offered by IPBC and we are thrilled to be able to deliver it in Ultra HD to our enthusiastic soccer fans and loyal viewers” said Cory Korkos, Chief Technology Officer at IPBC. “By collaborating with Vimmi, a leader in CDN and OTT solutions, the IPBC is able to commit to a consistent high-quality viewing experience.”

“Vimmi’s video OTT and CDN solutions are based on disruptive technology developed in-house”, said Eitan Koter, CEO at Vimmi.  “We are very excited to apply our solution to the IPBC needs and enable it to deliver superb viewing experience to its viewers.”

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VIMMI develops video Over The Top (OTT), Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) platforms, based on breakthrough technology developed in-house. Our video CDN and MEC solutions includes video orchestration technology that uses grid computing and deep learning algorithms that enables mobile and telecom operators and content providers to introduce new video services that requires low latency and heavy data (video) processing such as video OTT, virtual and augmented reality, live events, and video in smart cities.

Vimmi also develops the critical components of the video OTT ecosystem; content preparation, video monetization tools, content preparation workflows, ad-insertion, recommendation and content discovery, Network DVR, Multi-DRM, Content Management System (CMS) for SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, PPV monetization models, subscribers management system, billing interface, EPG, performance and marketing analytics including engagement and a suite of STB, Smart TV, Connected devices and mobile video applications for Android and iOS.

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